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How Does Being On A BlackList Effect Email Performance

All email activity that you perform, whether it's via a custom hosted mail solution or via a popular email hosting service such as Google, Microsoft, or Zoho, is constantly being judged and scrutinized to determine how trustworthy it is to accept any given piece of mail that is interacting with a receiving mail server. All email providers have their own approaches towards determining which sending solutions are trustworthy, or have a likelihood of producing email content that may potentially cause issues for their users. One of the many ways that providers maintain a healthy ecosystem for their mail servers and users is via a “Blacklist”, a list of IP addresses assigned to either a domain or a mail server, that have shown signs of sending out emails that have been interpreted as spam over a certain duration of time. The determination of outgoing emails being determined as “Spam” is a result of multiple factors, all that vary from email provider to email provider, spam filter to spam filter. Each blacklist has their own criteria for being listed, with their own method of getting removed from said blacklist, and for how email performance is influenced by being present on a blacklist overall is dependent on how each email provider/custom mail solution determines this, whether they check certain blacklists or avoid them entirely.


No matter what the root cause is for landing on a specific blacklist, it will have an influence on future deliverability for all outgoing emails you send out from an email address, a specific mail server, and the associated domain that is tied to that mail server and email address. Knowing where you stand with those who maintain blacklists is half the battle of determining when it is the appropriate time to start performing important email activity, and Blacklist Checker is an important step towards identifying problems and taking the correct steps in resolving them.

How Do I Avoid Ending Up On A Blacklist?

The primary way to avoid ending up on a blacklist is to follow appropriate email etiquette for all outgoing emails that are sent out from your given sending solution. The main downside to this however, is the nature of how recipients can potentially receive your emails as you can never predict the human factor that comes with carrying out an email transmission to a recipient, whether they are expecting this email or it’s unexpected in nature in the vein of cold email outreach.


There is no one guaranteed way to avoid landing on a blacklist, maintained by any specific provider. But there are ways to avoid these unexpected and unjust listings from occurring by staying on top of where you stand with such blacklist providers. By keeping tabs on the sending domains and servers you utilize for all important email contact, you can take control of when you get listed, and immediately correct this as it occurs so that it does not slow down any momentum you are building up with your email activity, whether it is performing active outreach or making sure all client contact emails are received as expected.

Why Should I Continue To Check If I’m On A Blacklist?

There are multiple factors that play into the determination of whether your sending solution gets listed on a blacklist or not. Every email that gets sent out to a recipient has the potential of landing you on a blacklist, whether its due to the content of an email message being mis-interpreted by a spam filter, the recipient properly receiving it and just immediately marking it as spam and moving on with their day, or the actual email provider itself determining this wasn’t a trustworthy enough message for this given recipient and sorting your emails into the spam folder enough times to warrant reporting it to a blacklist provider.

Its critical for any organization, sales team, marketing department, or anything in between to make sure that they are taking the proper steps in ensuring that a blacklist doesn’t stand in the way of their emails reaching their intended audience, and Blacklist Checker assists in making sure that you are staying on top of things without having to actively search through lists manually.


All it takes is a quick search of each sender domain and you can immediately determine where you stand with all major blacklists online.

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