What is a Black List?

A Black List is a database of internet protocol addresses (IPs) collected for the purpose of identifying the senders of spam. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and others subscribe to these Black Lists to enable them to block spam sent to their customers. And their customers may be your customers.

About BlackListAuthority

Black List Authority monitors your IP addresses on your behalf. If you are listed, you receive a report about where and when. Then, we advise you about what steps you can take to de-list. You receive immediate reports informing you of any listing or de-listing. And our service also includes

Your Email Integrity

Your business depends on the reliability of your email delivery. Your income depends on secure communication via your mail service. Your aim is 100 percent successful delivery of your email. Yet a multitude of black lists operate to potentially block your email usually without your

How It Works

1) Login/Register with BlacklistChecker.com

We are using OpenID protocol to authenticate an user using an iName. We are offering free community iNames registration within the @e-mail community (system provided to us by our partener 1id.com). You can find more details about iNames at 1id.com.

If you don't have an iName we will use your email address (either provided by you or the one received with your payment) to automatically create a new community iName which will have the following form:


You will be able to use this iName for accessing BlacklistChecker.com services as well as other web sites that support OpenID/iName login or registration.

2) What BlacklistChecker.com offers

BlacklistChecker.com can help your bussiness stay out of trouble in several ways:

Active defense

BlacklistChecker.com closely monitores your list of chosen domains/IPs. When one of your's domain/IP is detected as listed the some of the following steps can be executed:
  • You receive a notification (you can chose what notification method suit you needs: email, instant message using one of the common instant messages service, SMS, etc.
  • By visiting your domains/IPs list page you will be able to see which blacklist has listed your domain/IP along with the reason for this (note that not all blacklists give a reason for listing domains/IPs).
  • For the de-listing procedure there are three posibilities:
    • When this can be done automatically you will just have to press a button and BlacklistChecker.com will take care of it
    • When it can't be done automatically you will receive advise from BlacklistChecker.com on how to do it manually yourself
    • You can delegate the BlacklistChecker.com staff to perform the de-listing procedure for you

Preemptive defense

Generally it is a good idea to not get listed in the first place. BlacklistChecker.com provides the following services/products to help your bussines stay out of trouble:
  • Content Analyzer - analyzes the content of an email you want to send (including the embedded domains it mat contain) and reports to what degree it can be considered spam
  • SMTP Server Check - BlacklistChecker.com will conduct periodical checks of your SMTP server(s) reporting possible security issues that could get your mail server listed
  • BlacklistChecker.com DNS Server - a special built DNS server that allow BlacklistChecker.com clients to quickly find information about their watched domains/IPs without visiting the BlacklistChecker.com website
  • Blacklist Avoidance Tools - a collection of tools/plugins that help you not get listed
  • SMTP Log Checker - a tools that analyzes your SMTP server logs and reports information about mail delivery failures