What is a Black List?

A Black List is a database of internet protocol addresses (IPs) collected for the purpose of identifying the senders of spam. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and others subscribe to these Black Lists to enable them to block spam sent to their customers. And their customers may be your customers.

About BlackListAuthority

Black List Authority monitors your IP addresses on your behalf. If you are listed, you receive a report about where and when. Then, we advise you about what steps you can take to de-list. You receive immediate reports informing you of any listing or de-listing. And our service also includes

Your Email Integrity

Your business depends on the reliability of your email delivery. Your income depends on secure communication via your mail service. Your aim is 100 percent successful delivery of your email. Yet a multitude of black lists operate to potentially block your email usually without your

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Account type:
14 days free Test Drive (during this period you can have only one domain or IP in your Watch List and you do not have access to the Notification Options. This option can be selected only once for every account)
Gives you access to BlacklistChecker.com for a month (this subscription is under recurring billing policy)
Gives you access to BlacklistChecker.com for a year
  Analyzes the content of an email you want to send (including the headers and the embedded domains it may contain) and reports to what degree it can be considered spam
  BlacklistChecker.com will conduct periodical checks of your SMTP server(s) reporting possible security issues that could get your mail server listed
  A special built domain name server (DNS) that will allow you to quickly find information about your watched domains/IPs without visiting the BlacklistChecker.com website
  A collection of tools/plugins that help will you to not get listed
  A tool that analyzes your SMTP server logs and reports information about mail delivery failures
  This package contains all the products described above
We offer various reporting/notification options:

TypePrice  Amount
EmailFree  Unlimited
SMS$0.40  Pe SMS Sent
MSN$0.10  Per message sent
ICQ$0.05  Per message sent
Yahoo$0.15  Per message sent
AIM$0.20  Per message sent
Jabber$0.05  Per message sent
Skype$0.02  Per message sent
IRC$0.05  Per message sent
Pager$0.25  Per message sent
XML HTTP$0.01  Per message sent
XML Poll$0.01  Per message sent
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